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How to Write Rhetorical Analysis – Best Tips and Examples

In order to comprehend the art of writing the rhetorical analysis essay, you should study the speeches of politicians and other influential people. It seems to be complicated, but our article will help you to overcome all difficulties.

If you do not have enough time for it, just contact our writing service, and we will help you. This written assignment requires grasping the real meaning of the author words. It is important to understand the author’s unique style. This is necessary to determine the strategies that he used to establish interaction with the audience. Only your own style can cause an impression and reaction.

What is Rhetorical Analysis

The ability to analyze a text is an important component of communicative competence. It also creates the necessary basis for composing your texts of various genres. Rhetorical analysis is aimed at assessing the effectiveness/inefficiency of the communicative act. It involves the analysis of success factors. It is distinguished by its versatility and covers the whole work, oral or written, from the analysis of discourse (the flow of life, the situation that gave rise to this statement) to the choice of words.

The basis of rhetorical action is the desire of efficiency, the coincidence of the goal that the speaker sets himself with the actual result achieved. In order to build communication optimally, the author must take into account the interaction of all speech situation components.

Rhetorical Analysis Examples

Here you will find a great example of rhetorical analysis. You can use it to get acquainted with this kind of work and take it as a format and context sample.

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Rhetorical Analysis Examples

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Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis Example

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Sample of Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis Sample

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Strong Supporting Words

Step 1. Preparation

In order to make a text description more convenience, typical schemes and rhetorical analysis essay examples are used. They help to master the method of complex analysis. Of course, these schemes are not dogmas, and depending on the genre, the specific features of the text, the task, the order of description may vary. If necessary, attention can be focused only on certain aspects. Everyone who works with this or that scheme should be well prepared and fill it with specific content, show the rhetorical taste and research skills. Nevertheless, the first thing you need is to choose a good topic for analysis. A brilliant theme is half the success.

Top 10 Rhetorical Analysis Topics to Choose

  • Persuade students in the importance of school uniforms
  • Analyze “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Analyze information presented in Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln
  • William Wallace Believes in His Men
  • Did Martin Luther King Believe in ‘His Dream?”
  • Tattoos, piercing, and rock clothing symbolize freedom and human right to choose
  • What about the role of three witches in “Macbeth?”
  • Analysis of the Presidential speech by Obama. What mood did it have?
  • Provide an analysis of the moving speech you have personally experienced
  • Thank People for Smoking

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Ethos, Logos and Pathos on Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Pathos is the intention of the speech creator, who has the goal to develop a specific and interesting topic for the recipient. The content of the thought is a will, aimed at making decisions and actions. Pathos creates a speech emotion to the audience, thanks to which a decision and expedient action become possible.

The rules of pathos:

  • Pathos is the basis of the plan;
  • Without pathos, decisions and actions are impossible;
  • The pathos of speech is associated with emotions that may arise in the audience, so the orator should anticipate the emotions that his words can create in the audience;
  • The orator should control his speech emotions.
  • Logos are the verbal means that are used by the speaker in the argument of the proposals put forward. The orator should not:
  • Create unfounded judgments;
  • Create an argument, understanding, and evaluation of which are not available to the audience.

The conditions of speech, which society puts to the orator are called ethos. These conditions presuppose the possibility of discussing socially significant problems when the participants in the discussion hold not only different views but also occupy different ideological positions.

Introduction & Outline

In the introduction the following tasks are solved:

  • Establishing contact with the audience (greeting, appealing);
  • Drawing the attention to the topic (marking the topic to justify the choice of this topic).

You need to outline the plan of speech briefly and informally. The plan is a short outline of the main storylines of future performance. The plan is a framework for the text that will be built later. The volume of the introduction is about 1/8 of the entire text. The introduction is recommended to think about at last.

Body Paragraph & Conclusion

The body paragraphs assume a different structure: chain, parallel, mixed. Saturating the body part with deviations and illustrations is necessary.

The most exciting thing in the subject is located closer to the end of the description. Avoid excessive details (take the most essential, the main thing). It is also better to avoid repetitions.

The conclusion involves a summary and powerful call to action. Rhetorical techniques of the ending may be:

  • A compliment to the listeners;
  • A quoting;
  • A joke, etc.

In the thesis statement, the proportionality of the parts, the connection between them should be evaluated.

Useful Rhetorical Analysis Tips

Even if your text is ready, it is not time to relax. You should read some useful tips and, if possible, implement them in your work. Spend just a few minutes before the exam and use them to make your analysis essay ideal. We provide a detailed checklist that will allow you to raise the quality of any work, even a personal narrative essay!


No matter how trite it sounds, no one, including your professors, wants to read the text with the obvious errors. Yes, this is a simple thing. You should carefully check the work for problems with the structure. Do not build complex sentences. Alternate long and short ones. Find to balance.

Use Present Tense Mostly

Present tense is preferable for a rhetorical essay. Although this rule is behind the scenes, it is worth making sure that your work corresponds to it. Avoid temporary confusion.

Length Rule

The rhetorical essay should not be cumbersome. Unnecessary information can be safely excluded from the context. The introductory paragraph and conclusion will occupy the smallest part of the entire paper. Usually, the required APA essay format implies 500-750 words of the essay. In another case, the tutor must indicate the number of words in his requirements.


Choose suitable transition words. It is important that the work corresponds to the correct style of presentation. The text should be smooth and clear. Statements and context should be understandable. Check the punctuation, transition strength, be consistent and logical.


Try to use your entire vocabulary. Diversify your speech – this will increase the chance of getting a good grade. Describe yourself as a student who can write in different styles, meeting all the requirements.

Using Up-to-Date Techniques

It is important to use only relevant sources. Make sure they are valid. Use the latest writing techniques. Learn the strategies that are used by the best scientists and writers. Your essay should not look boring. Despite the sequence, try to make the text richer. Include fresh and perspective ideas.

Gaining Experience from the Great Examples

All the novice writers are looking for the example of rhetorical analysis. Find a similar topic. Start searching for great rhetorical analysis paper examples. Follow the same pattern. Just rewrite all the text using a personal approach.


When creating your text, remember its main goal. The work should reveal the essence of each device influence that was used by the author. It is important to analyze them and explain how effective they are.

Proofread and Edit

This stage is one of the most important. Make sure that the final work does not contain errors and is coherent. You can use a variety of software to exclude errors. You can also ask for the outside help.

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