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What is Sociology Research

Sociology is one of the most divisive branches of science. Some people believe that sociology has no practical use or positive influence on mankind. However, there is no other branch of science that can correctly predict the behavior of individuals and groups in a variety of different situations. This is exactly why sociology is so vital for the advancement of humanity. With the right sociology topics being researched, we can eventually learn everything about people.

The scope of sociology includes an endless range of concepts and aspects of the existence of humans, including traditions and habits, practices and beliefs, groups, and culture. Naturally, covering all of these aspects in one research paper is not only impossible but also impractical. The purpose of a sociology research paper is to offer an in-depth investigation of a topic and some viable solutions for the problem described in the paper. It means that the first step in working on a sociology research paper is narrowing down the scope of the research. For example, you cannot study a pattern of behavior both of an individual and a group: you have to choose one and focus on it.

One more important aspect of conducting your sociology research is determining the context. The sociology subject you are researching can be influenced by the time frame, cultural background, and a dozen other factors. The job of a sociology researcher is to notice correlations between these things and present them for the whole world to see. This is exactly how sociology is able to move forward, and you can make a valuable contribution if you put enough effort into your research.

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Interesting Sociology Research Topics

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Topics for sociology research paper

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Sociology topics for research paper

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Good sociology research paper topics

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Research paper topics for sociology class

A wrongly chosen topic is one of the top reasons why so many students struggle with their sociology research papers or even completely fail the assignment. Boring and mundane sociology research topics for college students make for boring and mundane works. If the topic of the research doesn’t ignite a spark in you or inspire you to read as much as possible on the subject, you are unlikely to do a good job with your paper.

Choosing a good topic is nearly half of the success of the assignment. The key to a strong sociology research paper is to pick a topic that matches your personal interests and views. Moreover, the topic needs to be sufficiently researched and represented in the scientific literature, but not over-researched, so that you could offer valuable input to the discussion.

If you are not sure which topic to go for, you can start by choosing a broad concept that you find interesting and engaging. Study this concept to see how it is described in relevant sources and which parts of the concepts are the least studied ones. This may be already a good place to start your research paper on sociology. Alternatively, you can look through the latest journal articles and online publications on sociology to find out about the pressing issues that need to be researched immediately. Finally, you can ask your professor for guidance in choosing a good topic.

Still struggling with finding a topic that will work for you? Here are 96 sociology papers topics from 5 different aspects of sociology - there is a pretty good chance your new topic is there!

The Sociology of Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity

  • Racial Segregation in Cities
  • The Correlation between Class and Race
  • [insert race] and Education Levels
  • Interracial Marriage Then and Now
  • Racial Stereotypes and their Effects
  • Culture and Race: Is Environment More Important than Race?
  • Attitudes Toward Race and Police Brutality
  • Race Riots: What’s the Cause of Racial Unrest?
  • Relationship Between Race and Class
  • Relationship Between Race and Educational Levels
  • Ethnicity and Race: What is the Difference/What is the Correlation?
  • How Ethnicity Affects Class
  • Multi-Ethnic Individuals and their Position in Society
  • Multicultural Society and the Dominant Culture
  • How the Italians, and Irish Became “White”?
  • Patriotism in [insert country]
  • How [insert plural nationality] views [insert plural nationality]
  • Nationality and Pride: What Makes a Patriot?
  • Immigration and Assimilation
  • America: Melting Pot or Salad Bowl?
  • The Sociology of Mass Media and Social Media

  • How [insert a race] are Presented in the Media
  • How Young Women Are Presented in the Media
  • How Women Are Presented in the Media
  • How Men Are Presented in the Media
  • How Young Men Are Presented in the Media
  • How Children Are Presented in the Media
  • How Disabled Individuals Are Presented in the Media
  • How Celebrities [choose one] are Presented in the Media
  • How The Mentally Challenged Are Presented in the Media
  • What Commercials Play at What Times During the Day? [Also, which channels do they play on?]
  • Who Consumes the Most [insert genre] Music?
  • Sexuality and Disney Movies
  • Romantic Comedies and Women
  • Gym, Tan, Laundry: A Study of Jersey Shore and its Viewers
  • Children’s Television
  • Ratings and New Technologies: How Youth Watch Television
  • Youth and Social Media
  • Social Media and Celebrity
  • Harassment and Bullying on Social Media
  • Social Networking in the New Millennium
  • Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram: Who Uses Each and Why?
  • Does Social Media Make Us Lonely?
  • Does Social Media Promote Narcissism?
  • Sociology of Food

  • Where Does Food Come From? Meats, Vegetables, and More
  • How Does [insert fast food place] Make their Food?
  • Food Laws and Regulations
  • Which Companies Supply Food to the US?
  • The Use of Pesticides in Farms
  • Monsanto Seeds
  • The Seed Bank
  • Farmers Markets and The “Slow Food” Movement
  • The Rise of “Organic” Farming
  • Import-Export Practices around the World
  • Food Packaging Messages
  • The Locations of Fast Food Chains in Relation to Low-Income Areas
  • The Geographical Difference in Food Distribution: Class Inequality
  • The Difference in Serving Sizes Over Time
  • Do you Know What’s in Your Food? A Study of Nutritional Facts and Food Education
  • Where Do People Eat?
  • Family Dinners and the Modern Day
  • [Insert Country/State/City] Food Culture
  • Are We What We Eat? A Study on Obesity
  • Child Obesity
  • Has Technology Changed the Way We Eat?
  • Vegetarians, Vegans, and Others with Personal Food Regulations
  • How the Media Advertises Food?
  • Attitudes Toward GMOs
  • How Eating Habits Change Over Time
  • The Sociology of Gender and Sexuality

  • Hip Hop Culture in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000s
  • Punk: Anarchy, Rebellion, and Revolution
  • Extreme Sports Culture: Surf, Skate, and Snow
  • How Adolescents Are Affected by the Media
  • “Emo” Culture: The Self-Destructive Teen
  • Mean Girls: A Study of Competition between Young Women
  • Jock Culture
  • At-Risk Youth and Deviant Behavior
  • Messages Promoted in [insert genre here] Music
  • Masculinity and Femininity in High School
  • Cliques and Outcasts: A Study of a High School Social Structure
  • Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Maturity and the Media: Are Teens Pressured to Mature as Fast as their Favorite Stars?
  • Sex and Adolescents
  • The Sociology of Gender and Sexuality

  • Gender Inequality on the Job
  • Gendered Occupations: Nurses and Contractors
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Transgendered Individuals
  • Homosexuality and How it is Portrayed in the Media
  • “Coming Out”: Feared or Loved
  • The Gender Bias: How Men and Women Are Treated Differently in Law, Media, and Social
  • Interactions
  • Anorexia and Women
  • Gender Stereotypes in [media/workplace/region]
  • The Feminist Revolution
  • Women’s Rights and Movements
  • The White (Man’s) House


Writing a sociology research paper is a complex process, where choosing a good topic is only the first step. However, it’s often the most important step, as an incorrectly picked topic can completely discourage you from researching and writing and lead to a bad grade. At the same time, a topic that fits in your scientific interests will inspire you to do a comprehensive research in an attempt to add to the discussion on the matter. We understand how difficult it is to find a research paper topic that will hit every mark, which is why we brought you these 96 topics to choose from.

If you have found a topic that you like but still cannot complete your sociology research paper for any reason, remember that you are not out of options. Our professional academic writing service has been creating sociology papers for all levels for years now and we know exactly how to write a paper that will impress your professor and land you an excellent mark. All you need to do is ask our experienced writers for help, and soon a 100% custom-written paper on a chosen topic will be waiting for you in your email inbox!

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