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Creating a Case Study with 2 Perfect Examples

Before you start writing a case study, you should understand its definition and meaning. It is a special training method created to improve skills and gain experience in the following areas:

  • Identification, selection, and problem-solving;
  • Working with information – understanding the meaning of the details described in the situation;
  • Analysis and synthesis of information and arguments;
  • Work with assumptions and conclusions;
  • Assessment of alternatives;
  • Making decisions;
  • Listening and understanding other people – group work skills.

Case studies are one of the best ways to convert the lead into the customers. This format will increase the credibility of your brand. It will demonstrate how your product or service has solved the real problem of a real customer. Managers will be able to evaluate for themselves how to achieve the same success.

What a Case Study Is NOT

  • Note that case studies should not be confused with the press releases. Although they are also used accompanying new services and products, this format is not just about new products;
  • Case studies are not advertising. They can be used for function advertising. A good case study is like the journey of your client, not you or your company;
  • If you assess the case studies, it turns out that most of them are non-memorable works. The reason is that marketers do not recognize the fact that case studies should look like real stories. Marketers seek to say more about the brand without using a narrative form. Nevertheless, a narrative form makes the stories attractive. Marketers also prefer to talk about the greatness of their company when they need to talk about specific examples.

Put Your Persuasive Writing Skills to Work

Case pursues the main goal – to inspire people to the concrete actions. This is an incentive, activation of the desire to pick up the phone and contact you as a manager. You should appear as the only person with whom the client wants to work. The trust of a new client will arise if you write convincingly and inspire him. Here is how to do it:

  • Even if the narration is about a particular client, the reader should be given the background information about his type of activity – industry, position, and the specifics of the work. It would not be superfluous to say about the pain point of the client, his main goal. This arrangement will allow the reader to feel that the text is being conducted as an immediate conversation. All this will allow the reader to stand in the place of your client and realize that he has the same painful point;
  • It is worth to use the comparisons more often. Do not skimp on metaphors and analogies. They will help the reader to accept the script written as true, especially if it has a connection with what they already understand. However, using clichés should be avoided. Studies claim that people ignore them at the subconscious level;

Use power verbs. They have an incomparable impulse. They imply strength and show real writing case study results;

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  • Never use a passive voice. Only active voice;
  • Focus on customer quotes and feedback. This information will show the overall performance of your company.

Case Study Formats

Case study format may be different. In any case, it should not be simple. Case studies should not be on one page. It is worth to use the media in the example to promote the final part in different channels. That is, if you use a website for posting a case, infographics can be placed on Instagram or Pinterest. Video research is suitable for YouTube channel. Use other social media!

Written Case Study

In order to be remembered by the reader and easily present the material to him, you can write your case in the form of an electronic book and even convert it into a downloadable PDF. The PDF file on the landing page should be supplemented with a form with information that readers must fill out before downloading the material. This approach will lead to potential customers for your company.

Video Case Study

To organize such a format, hold a meeting with your client and withdraw the interview. Discuss the services you provide – this will be of great value in the eyes of your future clients.

Infographic Case Study

The power of presenting information through infographics lies in its exceptional visibility. Use a long vertical format that displays your success story. Moving down the infographic, the reader will learn about the key performance indicators of your work and the success achieved by your client.

Podcast Case Study

A podcast is a special platform through which communications for a candid conversation with your client are established. This type of case is more believable, real and human for your readers – they will find out that the partnership between you and your client turned out to be a great success.

Problems to Avoid

Creating the perfect case is routine work. You should always improve your performance, check the relevance of the data. There are some nuances to avoid when writing a case study. In order to help you with writing case studies, we have collected top tips from experienced gurus.

Over generalization

The great case study is intended to lay the foundation for understanding the problems and their solutions that can be applied in similar situations. It is necessary to draw conclusions in the study carefully. All the results should be based on the actual data.

Failure to Document Limitations

You should speak about the specific constraints that affect the question being sought and the analysis being conducted. It is important to remember that in one case it is impossible to reveal all that you need to know and understand about the problem under investigation.

Failure to Extrapolate All Possible Implications

Do not talk in a too generalized form about the results of the study. It is also important to consider in detail all the recommendations. The reader should not be left to doubt the reliability of the analysis. The result should be obvious for each case.

Examples of Case Study

You can read a lot of other information but it is better to check the professional works. Here you will find the best case study examples. This case study template will help you to create a great individual paper!

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Case Study Example Work

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Case Study Format Example

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Case study free example

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Case study Sample

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Example case study

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Free Case Study Sample

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