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Best Writing Essay Body Paragraphs Tips

An essay is a special educational work that gives the student an opportunity to express his own thoughts, reflect personal considerations and ideas about the world. This type of papers has a free genre that allows an author to express himself the way he wants. The scheme of writing papers does not differ regardless of the size. Despite its free form, the essay has strict structural features. Hence, if you still have difficulties connected with writing your paper, take to the attention our body paragraph tips or consider hiring an expert that will help you.

What are body paragraphs, and how to write them

The major part of the whole work is body of an essay. All body elements thematically directed to something particular. The paragraphs require a lot of attention. It is necessary to state the main issues, analyze, and justify separate arguments on the question. The analysis is based on categories corresponding to the specifics of the topic.

The essay body paragraph needs special consideration and it will vary depending on the various types, themes, subjects, and other points. The information and arguments must be structured with subtitles, dividing the text into semantic paragraphs. One paragraph can include only one statement. It is important to follow the logical sequence. At this point, you also need to think about the volume: 5-paragraph paper does not require five written pages.

If it is difficult for a writer to create an introduction from scratch, he should skip it and start with the essay body paragraphs. Here will be provided a piece of information and some tips about how to build a good body paragraph structure.

Structure of Body Paragraphs

The main part requires special attention. Especially when it comes to making a plan. It may have a different basic structure:

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  • Thesis argument. In this case, it is necessary to form the thought, then to prove it;
  • Reverse essay paragraph structure (fact-conclusion). We describe the situation or give the facts, and then give a conclusion;
  • Thesis with several arguments (facts). In this case, we confirm one thought with several illustrations. The thesis can be both at the beginning and after these illustrations.

By “thesis” is meant a short completed thought that the student wants to conduct to the audience. The argument arises as some proof of the argument. This can be a life situation, news, an authoritative opinion, a theory or a proven fact.

One thesis should be strengthened by two arguments. Some proof may seem to be inconclusive, and three arguments will overload the text. Nevertheless, the student can use any number of arguments to his thesis – much depends on the understanding, the narrative logic, the volume, and the plan. It is important to preserve the consistency, brevity, and imagery of the text.


The essay should be perceived as a whole, so the idea should be clear and understandable. It is the core on which all the work stands. The main idea is the main thesis, which is proved by the whole paper. The main idea formulation should clearly point on what is said in the essay (the subject of speech and the sign of the speech subject).

All the subsequent sentences are related to the main idea that is declared at the start of the topic. The essay ideas can be:

  • These ideas are necessary to determine a definite point in each statement;
  • They are commonly used at the beginning of each statement to inform the audience what will be said next;
  • Debatable moments that must be proved with some proof.

The main idea should be said in one simple sentence. All parts of the essay must be subordinated to the main idea.


Each paragraph opens only one main point. It is usually called the controlling idea. It also must be connected with the overall focus of the papers, designated in the thesis statement. Therefore, every statement has a different controlling idea.

It is necessary to start the body paragraphs with idea summary – a special topic sentence. The topic point sums the paragraph exactly in the same method that the statement sums the whole paper. The subsequent part of the paragraph confirms that major point. Here must be the explanation it in supporting detail, giving a sample, or citing proof that strengthens it.


The greatest element of any paragraph is the illustration. It includes explanations, proof, and samples. Illustrations are based on logic and demonstrate the main point of the topic statement. It is necessary not only to explain a thought. The student must demonstrate that outside proof supports it as well. The illustration consists of data, facts, opinions, researches, articles, etc. All of these aspects must be related to the problem and properly used.


The explanation demonstrates how the audience should understand the illustrative proof and how the paragraph’s idea works to defend the argument. It is necessary to understand that body paragraph format do not subsist in isolation. They must stand together and fit each other like a puzzle. Conclusion transition words and phrases explain the connections between the paragraphs and the focus of the written material. They regularly composed at the end of a passage. Conclusion transitions are required for keeping impulse in the whole work and demonstrating the audience how all the concepts fit together.

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