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What is Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a kind of college papers that must convince the audience in the idea, mainly in one the writer believes in. Your essay can be formed on your attitude to something. The papers attempt to convince the reader to accept the writer’s idea or to trust his opinion. The point is to convince everyone that your position is reasonable. The papers should be written in a style that captures and holds attention, and the author’s opinion should be supplied by strong support for the details.

A persuasive essay avoids complex wording, overlong sentences. It is important to follow a casual style to build a contact with the reader. It is also necessary not to overdo it, turning the essay into a low-quality text, full of slang. Short, simple and understandable sentences, the use of different intonation will give the correct emotional color of the papers.

Performing an essay, the student must demonstrate his or her best writing skills. It is important to express an opinion on a specific completed question independently. Student also must use the necessary and sufficient arguments without going beyond the considered question. If there any problem, the writer can always get help in our essay writing service.

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How to write Persuasive Essay in few simple steps:

Step 1: Craft Your Essay

The process of creating an essay consists of several steps. It is important to understand the task, define the topic, collect the necessary information, and organize it correctly. Writing craft is provided by various factors, among which an important role is given to the correct preparation of papers.

  • Selecting the appropriate topic. Remember that in essay a certain position is defended on the appropriate issue. Choosing a topic, you should think about its formulation. Every topic is part of a big problem and represents one of its sides. It is important to realize this and not to strive to embrace the immense in one speech;
  • Analyzing the audience. This is necessary in order to use arguments that are understandable to the particular listener. Essays need to be supported by quotes and sources that your audience trusts;
  • Selecting an argument to please the emotions. Therefore, the student will give the listener a possibility to connect with what the author is saying. The fact is that men dispute logically quite seldom, which indicates that making them dive emotionally into the writer’s attitude is the marvelous way to turn their thought. The student must give reasonable arguments in the papers, but everything will be hard if he introduces the problem that never arouses any senses and emotions;
  • Considering about the audience objections. When writing a persuasive essay, the student should try to control them with substantial proof. It is important to put together the Regularly the powerful data is presented in the end, in order to rid the listener of any suspicions.

Step 2: Connect your paragraph

If you should to convince in something in the essay, you can use one of the following schemes:

  • The essay begins with a thesis, and the rest of the text gives arguments;
  • First, set out the arguments that lead the reader to the thesis. In this case, the thesis is presented as the correct and only possible point of view;
  • The pros and cons of the chosen topic are compared, different views on the topic are described, and then a conclusion is made.

The body paragraphs must be connected with the key arguments. For instance, when the writer has a standard 5-paragraph essay, it is necessary to dwell on an argument of each paragraph. Moreover, there must be a counterargument in the 3d paragraph – it will make the explanation more impressive. The writer must be able to debate with stronger arguments. He should even mention the actual counter-arguments to his opponents. These linking word combinations will help you to connect your paragraphs:

  • Adding the data, complete thoughts, or show an agreement with the information – even though, anyway, besides, rather, etc.;
  • Phrases for causes and conditions – since, as, in order to, so that, if, etc.;
  • Words examples and emphasizing ideas – definitely, surely, mainly, especially, in other words, etc.;
  • Showing the result and effect – therefore, consequently, in this case, then, etc.;
  • Concluding paragraphs and summarizing – clearly, surely, as can be seen, to sum up, in a word, in any event, etc.;
  • Pointing chronological and sequential order – later, rapidly, once, last, finally, eventually, at the same time, in a moment, etc.

Step 3: Make Introduction and Conclusion

Write an introduction. Many people think that this part is the major, because it either effects the listener or not. First, place a catchphrase. Then state the main idea . Include your strongest evidence or just one proof.

At the end of the papers write a conclusion. As a rule, key thoughts must be repeated in the conclusion, and then completed with a meaningful phrase. It must be expressed so that the audience remembers both the phrase and the essay itself. You should not repeat the main idea only – it is worthy to think about to complete the papers correctly. Consider the following:

  • Why is this essay problem important?
  • Can the conclusions be applied to a wider context?
  • What new points arise from the work?
  • What steps can listeners take after reading an essay?

Step 4: Draft Your Essay

Read the draft. Many students and pupils do not devote enough time to read the draft. Consider the following:

  • Is the position clearly expressed in the essay?
  • Is this position supported by weighty reasons and samples?
  • Is there useless info? Are the paragraphs clearly articulated enough?
  • Are counter-arguments presented correctly? Are they convincingly refuted?
  • Are paragraphs in logical order?

Check the text. It is essential not only to exclude spelling errors – you must define transitions between parts, paragraphs. You also should write some text once more, giving more proof.

Step 5: Double Check your work

A day or two do not re-read the essay. Then return to your papers and reread them again. With a fresh head, you will find mistakes immediately. Now you can re-read difficult places and re-think about any concepts.

At the stage of editing the papers, its coherence is improved, essential material is added, insignificant material is dropped, and a smooth transition between separate parts of the essay is ensured. Then the structure and content of paragraphs are corrected, individual words and sentences are polished. After editing the draft, spelling and punctuation errors are read and corrected.

Persuasive Essay Examples

Here you can be acquainted with the most interesting persuasive essay examples.

Topics to Use for Your Persuasive Essay

  1. Kids should get paid for good grades;
  2. Students should have less homework;
  3. Snow days are great for family time;
  4. Penmanship is important;
  5. Short hair is better than long hair;
  6. We should all grow our own vegetables;
  7. We need more holidays;
  8. Aliens probably exist;
  9. We should teach etiquette in schools;
  10. School uniform laws are unconstitutional;
  11. All students should wear uniforms;
  12. Too much money is a bad thing;
  13. High schools should offer specialized degrees in arts or sciences;
  14. Magazine advertisements send unhealthy signals to young women;
  15. Robocalling should be outlawed;
  16. Age 12 is too young to babysit;
  17. People should go to jail when they abandon their pets;
  18. Free speech should have limitations;
  19. Members of Congress should be subject to term limits;
  20. Recycling should be mandatory for everyone;
  21. High-speed internet access should be regulated like a public utility.

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Persuasive Research Essay

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Persuasive Research Essay

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Persuasive Research Essay

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